Lucia Nimcova - Animal Imago

Animal Imago is Nimcova's fourth publication, this time around, departing from social and documentary topics, finding herself publishing a book for KIDS of all ages, dealing with our relationship with animals and nature around us.

How do we, urban animals of the 21st century, relate to other animals? Whatever the relationship, the dominant idea is that man is a superior species. However, increasingly it appears that we have abused our position as ‘top species’. What can we learn if we really try to listen to, collaborate with or put ourselves in the animals’ place? And how can we use these insights, to our benefit too, to build a more acceptable and sustainable future? [source: KAAI THEATER catalogue 03/2013]

The project comprises many approaches to the topic of animals, but also to the medium of photography itself. In my research I document and collect material about animals being humanized by different societies around the world. The final work will take the form of installation and publication – offering the many possible faces and roles embedded within the image material. Another aspect of this process involves virtually sending images taken or chosen for the project to my little niece Chuanita when I am not able to communicate with people. It is some kind of non-verbal answer to her questions: why do I have to travel? What am I searching for?

I find this combination of approaches very inspiring and surprising, due to the huge gap between nature and subsequent documentation of it. In essence, it speaks to the idea that the reality of the world around us is never a given, it is something we have to create.